Free TV premieres in August: These series and films are running

Free TV: premieres in August 2020

TV premieres on free television mean top entertainment without spending money on the cinema, pay TV or streaming subscription. Action, drama and comedy are then available for free. It is the same with the free TV premieres in August 2020. COMPUTER BILD shows you which films and series are free to air for the first time and when you have to switch on.

Blockbusters in free television: action and sci-fi

The plan seems perfect: During a hurricane, Connor Perkins and his gang consisting of professional thieves, hackers and ex-mercenaries want to raid a US Treasury facility in the small town of Gulfport. The targeted prey are discarded banknotes that should actually be shredded. Value: $ 600 million. The city became completely deserted because of the storm, the money was poorly guarded, and the corrupt sheriff backed the criminals. But then the committed federal civil servant Casey Corbyn bravely stands in the way of the gangsters. “In the eye of the hurricane” is a mix of crime, action and disaster film and can be seen on August 17, 2020 at 10:15 p.m. on ZDF.

The deadliest hunters in the universe return to Earth and they are more dangerous and better equipped than ever before. After a boy accidentally allowed the Predators to return to Earth, humanity is hunted by a special form of this deadly species that is not only technically far ahead of them: through the use of foreign DNA, they are also genetically superior. Now the hope of the whole world rests on the entire ability of a grouchy scientist and a motley troop of soldiers. The sci-fi thriller “Predator – Upgrade” runs on August 23, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.

Alarm for Cobra 11 & Co .: series on free TV

With the three-part documentary series “The Fratricidal War – French and Germans 1870/71” ARTE presents different perspectives on a conflict that fundamentally changed Europe 150 years ago. The episode “A Parisian” begins on August 18, 2020 at 8:15 pm, with the 20-year-old civilian Geneviève Bréton reporting through her diary of events, the happiness and pain of love in times of war, ardent patriotism and knowledge that it is not the enemy but the war that is the real evil. Further episodes tell of the Franco-German war from the perspective of a Prussian officer and a British war reporter.

From August 20, 2020 at 8:15 p.m. RTL will show the new episodes of “Alarm for Cobra 11 – The Autobahn Police”. The producing broadcaster has promised a completely new look and a more up-to-date plot than ever for the six new episodes. Erdo? An Atalay continues to play and has always been Commissioner Semir Gerkhan, who had to free his mother from a Turkish prison last season and went to his limits for this. For the first time, he has a woman at his side: Pia Stutzenstein plays Vicky Reisinger, Gerkhan’s partner in the fight against crime. RTL has not yet revealed what the scriptwriters have come up with in detail. But it should be more topical and also more political, but certainly with a lot of spectacle again. Without fireworks it would not be “Cobra 11”.

The free TV premieres in August 2020

15th August 2020

  • Beyond Reality – The Magician’s Casino | 8:15 pm | TELE 5 | Fantasy action
  • The river builder | 8:15 pm | ARTE | Docudrama
  • Hangover | 11:50 pm | 3sat | drama

August 16, 2020

  • Suddenly family | 8:15 pm | ProSieben | comedy

17th August 2020

  • The law of the family | 9:50 pm | ARTE | drama
  • In the eye of the hurricane | 10:15 pm | ZDF | Action thriller

August 18, 2020

  • The fratricidal war – Germans and French 1870/71 | 8:15 pm | ARTE | documentation
  • Everything is good | 10:45 p.m. | The first | drama

19th August 2020

  • My time with Cézanne | 8:15 pm | ARTE | drama
  • Veronica: playing with the devil | 10:00 p.m. | TELE 5 | Occult horror

20th August 2020

  • Sand star | 0:15 am | ARTE | drama
  • Dauntless: The Battle of Midway | 8:15 pm | TELE 5 | War action
  • The meadow | 8:15 pm | ARTE | Nature docu
  • Alarm for Cobra 11 – Season 25 | 8:15 pm | RTL | Crime series

22nd August 2020

  • The Darkest Minds – The Survivors | 8:15 pm | ProSieben | Teendystopia

23 August 2020

  • Pitch Perfect 3 | 8:15 pm | RTL | Musical comedy
  • Predator upgrade | 8:15 pm | ProSieben | Sci-Fi action

August 24, 2020

  • The persecuted | 8:15 pm | ARTE | drama
  • The secret of the dark chamber | 9:45 pm | ARTE | Mystery drama
  • Gateways to New York – Othmar H. Ammann and his bridges | 10:25 pm | 3sat | documentation
  • Air | 11:35 p.m. | BR | drama

August 25, 2020

  • Coco Chanel | 8:15 pm | Disney Channel | biography

August 26, 2020

  • Foxtrot | 8:15 pm | ARTE | drama
  • My beautiful inner sun | 10:00 p.m. | ARTE | Loneliness study

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