Fortnite’s endgame: why an Epic fight with Apple and Google could lead to major changes

It didn’t take long after Fortnite tried circumventing the App Store’s 30% cut before Apple yanked the game off its platform, and Google off the Play Store too. But now that looks like it all went according to Epic’s plan: the gaming giant immediately filed lawsuits against both Apple and Google decrying their monopolistic practices and started riling up gamers to complain to the App Store owner.

So what is Epic’s master plan? Judging by the lawsuit Epic Games filed against Apple, it’s not to reduce the cut taken through the App Store. It’s to shatter Apple’s control over what software is and isn’t permitted on iOS as well as how consumers pay developers for it.  Epic submitted a second lawsuit against Google, though without nearly as much fanfare, and with roughly similarly-stated goals: ending alleged monopolistic and anti-competitive practices.

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