Fortnite is not alone in its battle against monopoly of Apple

Fortnite has raised its voice against Apple Store monopoly and wants to break free from Apple’s rules. Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite has stood against Google also. It has been joined in the fight by at least three brands: Spotify, ProtonMail, and Match Group (Tinder).

What appears to be a premeditated move, Epic Games had announced an update couple of days ago. It facilitated its players to make in-app purchases using its virtual currency without taking the route of Apple or Google stores. In retaliation, Apple and Google banned the game for violating the App store rules. Billions of devices have got impacted and Battle Royale got kicked off!

What prompted Epic Games to take this insanely brazen step?

The extreme step was taken to dodge the 30% commission every company is bound to pay to the two tech giants for using their servers. Fortnite was quick to file a legal complaint against the Cupertino giant after the ban was made public. Apple was followed by Google which also banned the app from its play store.

Fortnite is not alone in the battle Royale against Apple. Three more tech companies namely, Spotify, ProtonMail, and Match Group which owns Tinder have openly supported the move. In fact, they must be pleased with the scale of the attack on Apple, as they are already party to legal battles against Apple.

Check out the statement sent by Spotify to The Verge – “We applaud Epic Games’ decision to take a stand against Apple and shed light on Apple’s abuses of dominant position

Spotify is already fighting out legal with Apple regarding changes in its management policy of the App Store. The concern of the music streaming app is similar to Fortnite, It also feels that the 30% commission charged by Apple on premium service subscriptions is unnecessary. Instead, the app can avoid this by redirecting the user to the site.

ProtonMail, the encrypted messaging platform, has also stood behind the Epic Games’ fight. It said in a statement that Apple “ harms developers and consumers, previously threatened to withdraw ProtonMail if we did not force Proton users to pay higher prices on in-app purchases“.

In fact, ProtonMail had published a blog post on Apple’s practices. It was titled “How Apple Uses Anti-Competitive Practices to Extort Developers and Support Authoritarian Regimes.

The other big name to join hands with Fortnite is Match Group. Its spokesperson while commenting on the subject said, “We fully support the efforts of Epic Games today to show how Apple is using its dominant position and unfair policies. to harm consumers, application developers, and entrepreneurs ”.

It is matter of time when more brands join the cause!

In the meantime, you can continue playing Fortnite, if it is installed on your smartphone. The traditional mode of in-app purchases will no longer work. If you are an unlucky one to have a game not installed, then the Android players can download from the Epic Games website.

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