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Collection despite payment

At the request of the editors, Telekom describes the case a little differently: The statement says that the first termination did not arrive until March 2020 and that the contributions have been refunded since December 2019 as a gesture of goodwill. Due to the parallel reversal, the costs are open again. However, Deutsche Telekom is ready to talk to son Jürgen Bismark again. For Lawyer Thomas Hollweck the matter is clear: From the date of termination, Telekom is no longer entitled to raise further claims against the customer, as there is no longer a contractual basis for this. In this respect, Telekom is no longer allowed to make withdrawals from the account. So the fault lies with Telekom.

Telekom is cooperative

In the conversation between Telekom and Jürgen Bismark, all the ambiguities were finally cleared up: The company apologized for the circumstances that arose as a result of the failure. The Bismark couple will now be reimbursed the monthly fees since May 2019. The Telekom also assumes the additional costs that have arisen from the involvement of the debt collection agency.

Don’t pay immediately

Advises for communication in such cases Lawyer Thomas Hollweck Caution: It is advisable not to make payments to a debt collection agency for fear of unjustified claims, as this will make it harder to get the money back in case of doubt. Instead, he recommends sending the company the letter of termination by registered mail. The debt collection agency should also be informed in this way. This is the only way to further examine the case, because a transfer can be viewed by the company as an admission. Incidentally, the Bismarks can be reached again, but via a different provider.

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