Floral print dress: how to choose and what to combine with

For several seasons in a row, floral print dress has not left the list of major fashion trends. And this is not surprising – bright, picturesque, and delicate models of floral dresses for women with prints can emphasize the beauty of every woman, her individuality, and her rich inner world. About what to combine them with and how to choose the right one, read our article.

It’s time to figure out what to wear with a bright jardin de fleur dress in order to look stylish, emphasizing your appearance favorably. The usual flower print actually has many nuances and features that need to be considered when shop online.

How to choose the perfect fashionable dress?

Woman flower dress is a real find for spring and summer days. It attracts attention, inspires, and creates a true summer mood. But very often, dresses with floral ornaments look good on a hanger or mannequin, and not so perfect on a woman, visually adding extra pounds to her or creating inappropriate associations.

Let’s look at a few rules, adhering to which, you can easily choose the perfect dress for yourself, successfully combined with the elements of your wardrobe:

  • Choose dresses with a simple cut. The exception is the delicate flounces, so beloved by designers this season, sewn on the hems of dresses or sleeves.
  • To keep the look of a floral dress from looking overloaded, lighten it with solid-color “partners”. Floral ornaments love to coexist with bright and monochrome additions.
  • Note that a small floral print is the prerogative of petite and slender women. Ladies with curvy shapes are best to choose a larger floral pattern. The smaller the floral pattern, the more voluminous the figure will look.
  • To visually make the figure slimmer, pick up a dress with a floral ornament applied vertically on the sides of the dress.
  • Flowers on a light background can visually add volume, and on a dark background, they can make your figure slimmer.
  • Maxi length dress is perfect for tall women. If your height is not too big, then you have two options – heels or a platform, or high slits on the dress, located in the center in front or clearly along the line of the legs.
  • Choose a dress according to your style and mood. For example, if you like casual or creative casual looks, you might like retro floral designs. Bright and minimalistic floral patterns in the style of the 60s, 70s, or 80s, combined with sports shoes, will create interesting looks.
  • Consider the features of your body type. A floral ornament can focus on its shortcomings if you choose the wrong style.

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