Flight Simulator 2020: Microsoft shows two new trailers

Explore the world of the flight simulator

According to their own statements, the world can be traveled down to the smallest detail in the “Flight Simulator”. The game features more than 37,000 airports, around two million cities, one and a half billion buildings as well as mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals and traffic. Hobby pilots control various machines from light aircraft to large jets. The “Flight Simulator 2020” is available in three versions: Standard, Deluxe and Premium Deluxe. It differentiates the number of available planes and airports with a detailed look. The standard version contains 20 highly detailed aircraft and 30 airports, the deluxe edition offers five more each. The premium deluxe version comes with ten additional planes and airports, which are displayed particularly accurately. Microsoft is presenting moving images of aircraft and landing sites in this YouTube video.

Flight Simulator 2020: pricing and availability

The “Microsoft Flight Simulator” will be released on August 18, 2020 for PC. The standard version costs 69.99 euros, the deluxe version 89.99 euros. The most extensive variant (Premium Deluxe) costs a whopping 119.99 euros. Microsoft has not yet revealed when the simulator will come to Xbox One.

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