Flexgate on the MacBook Pro: Apple sued again

Apple is confronted with another class action lawsuit from frustrated customers in the USA: This time – by the way, not for the first time – the so-called Flexgate issue is at stake. With certain MacBook Pro models, the screen failed – either completely or partially. The reason seems to be a too fragile flat cable, which is responsible for the supply of the backlight of the screens. The problem can be recognized by the so-called stage light effect – the screen looks as if it is being illuminated with stage lights.

Apple had already launched a free repair program for the problem in 2019. According to the group, “a small percentage” of models between October 2016 and February 2018 that have two or four Thunderbolt 3 ports are affected – but only the 13-inch models are listed here, not the 15-inch, which is also sometimes affected -Machinery. Apple wants to repair affected 13-inch computers free of charge, even if they are no longer covered by the statutory warranty or Apple’s in-house AppleCare device insurance protection. This applies for four years after the first retail sale of the machine.

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The class action that has now been filed before the US District Court for the Northern District of California aims to ensure that the 15-inch MacBook Pro machines are also included in the repair program. These are devices that have been produced since 2016. Apple ignored this, according to the application, “despite the fact that Apple [den Grund des Problems] both knew and had to know “.

Before the repair program, users of their machines had to have their machines repaired outside the warranty and guarantee period for a fee, which for displays can cost 800 and more euros. This has always been the case with 15-inch computers. According to the class plaintiffs, Apple knew the defective ribbon cable and also had to take note of the comments from end customers in the company forum. In addition, the group is said to have deleted such postings. The class action now wants to force Apple to pay damages and the court costs. In addition, Apple must name all affected devices.

The lawsuit is reminiscent of a similar “Flexgate” class action brought in May. It is conceivable that the judges will merge both cases in order to simplify the dispute.


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