Firefox agreement between Mozilla and Google extended

Mozilla and Google have extended their agreement to make Google the default search engine in Firefox until at least 2023. According to ZDNet’s report, both companies did not officially announce the deal, but it is stated that the deal was made for an annual fee of $ 400 to 450 million. It is stated that the official announcement will be made in the autumn. The current deal ends by the end of 2020.

Answering the question of The Verge site, Mozilla representative Justin O’Kelly said, “Mozilla’s search partnership with Google continues with Google’s default search provider in Firefox browser in many parts of the world.” said. “We’ve recently extended the partnership and the relationship doesn’t change.”

This move came at a time when Mozilla announced it would lay off 250 employees, ie 25 percent of the total workforce. Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker said in a blog post on the subject that the coronavirus pandemic had a significant impact on their income. In the blog post announcing the changes, Baker stated that the company will focus on developing new products that people love and want to use, renew their interest in the community and create a new income mindset. At the same time, Mozilla laid off 70 employees in January.

Most of Mozilla’s revenue comes from search engines like Google. The company works with different search engines in different parts of the world. For example, Baidu in China and Yandex Firefox in Russia are the default search engine.

Firefox’s market share across browsers has been declining for the past decade. Projects such as Firefox phone and Firefox OS have never matured.

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