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It has long been considered the future of the Internet: fiber optics. But where is the fiber optic connection? Is it worth replacing copper in the LAN? And what does such a connection actually cost?

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The fiber optic is seen as a savior: politicians present action plans for the fiber optic expansion. Internet service providers advertise it, but it seems like it’s nowhere to be found. Our experts know why this is so. But the LAN in companies and at home is not left out either. When should I opt for fiber optics rather than traditional copper cables?

Jan Mahn knows his way around fiber optic networking and explains what to look out for when buying fiber optic technology. He also reveals why it sometimes makes more sense to hire a service provider than to do everything yourself.

Urs Mansmann is our specialist for internet tariffs and expansion. He knows where there is a problem with fiber optic expansion, why Internet providers prefer to use copper lines and which connection technology makes the most sense where.

Andrijan Möcker is familiar with network technology. He explains how fiber optic technology compares to modern copper-based network technology such as NBase-T, as well as its limits.

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