Feedreader Reeder 4 is free for the first time – for iPhone, iPad and Mac

The Feedreader Reeder 4 is currently available for download free of charge from the App Store for iOS and Mac App Store, the app is intended for iPhones, iPads and Macs.

In addition to locally subscribing to RSS feeds on your own device, Reeder supports common RSS services, including Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, FeedHQ, NewsBlur, The Old Reader, Inoreader and BazQux Reader, in order to synchronize the read status and thus to enable seamless switching between different own devices – and the respective web service of the provider used.

Support for self-hosted RSS services such as Fever, Reader and FressRSS is also integrated. If you want, you can also access reading from the Read Later Services Pocket and Instapaper. Reeder 4 also offers its own read later service that relies on iCloud to compare the content.

Shipowner (iOS app, Mac app) optionally saves content for offline reading and can be controlled using gestures – even on the Mac. The app offers different themes for adapting text and surface to preferred reading habits, and contrast, font type and size can also be adjusted. A special “Bionic Reading” mode was built into version 4 of the feed reader last year, which is supposed to enable a particularly focused reading of text content – this can be activated if necessary.

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Reeder 4 previously cost 5.50 euros for iOS and 11 euros for macOS and runs from iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 Mojave. How long the free promotion will run is unclear. A year ago, the developer suddenly offered version 3 free of charge, triggering speculation about switching to a subscription model that is now becoming more and more common. In fact, version 3 was offered for free until version 4 appeared – which was again offered as a one-time purchase.


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