Feeding drug pills to minors by telling them of corona medication

Bhopal. Two young men addicted to intoxication jointly fed two teenagers of their own neighborhood with drugs of narcotics after being told to take corona drugs. Accused also shot himself in front of him. The condition of both children worsened with the pills. He was admitted to the hospital. Police was informed about this from the hospital. The incident is from Mandwa township located in Kamla Nagar. Police have arrested both the accused. The accused have told the police that they had done so for fun.

According to Kamla Nagar Police Station Incharge Vijay Sisodia, both Hrithik and Lucky Rajput are real brothers living in Mandwa township. Both are addicted to drugs. They do not do any work. Two teenagers, aged 12 and 13, living in his locality were playing on Saturday evening. The accused called these two to themselves and said that they had the pill to eliminate corona infection. The two accused first ate the pill themselves and told the teenagers that you also eat. This will not corona you.

The accused were addicted to drugs, so they did not get any effect from the pill, while the health of the children deteriorated after some time. They fell to the ground. Seeing this, people around the children informed the families of the children. After that, the children's relatives took them to the hospital. Where he was treated, after the recovery, the children told the whole thing to the doctors and family members. After this, the hospital management informed the police. Late in the night, the police registered a case against the two accused under sections of poison poisoning and arrested them.

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