Fall Guys Levels Ranked from Worst to Best: Tail Games Can GTFO

25 levels, 4 categories, 1 winner. That’s the simple setup for Fall Guys. But winning the crown isn’t that easy. You’ll have to be the fastest, the smartest, the luckiest, and the pluckiest* if you want to grab the Crown, get your victory pose, and earn some more credits for in-game swag.

But not all levels — or mini-games — are created equally. There are races that test your pathing skills and button-mashing timing, team battles that put your cooperation skills on display, and survival rounds that see if you’ve got the grit to hang in there. That’s all well and good, but server lag, clunky mechanics, and, sometimes, overly simplistic level design can ruin a good time. I’ve seen people just straight give up and throw themselves into the slime rather than take another run at Tip Toe or See-Saw; better to start all over than play a level you hate.

So with that in mind, I present my very own and totally subjective ranking of the available levels in Fall Guys, including the newest mini-game that made its way into the main game from a popular Beta test round. Plus, a poll for you to tell us which level is your favorite!

Here’s a recap of the available rounds:


  • Dizzy Heights: Dash through a dizzying array of obstacles to reach the finish line! Spinning plates, rolling balls and yet more spinning plates stand between your Fall Guy and qualification. Keep your eye on the prize or end up eliminated!
  • Hit Parade: Navigate the obstacles and race to the finish line!
  • See Saw: Fall Guys must temporarily team up to balance across massive See Saws in a mad dash to the finish!
  • Door Dash: Dive head-first through set after set of doors on your way to the finish line but be warned, only some doors give way while others end in a pile up of squished Fall Guys!
  • Gate Crash: Avoid the moving doors and race to the finish line!
  • Tip Toe: A hidden pathway stands between the Fall Guys and qualification! Contestants must find a safe route through trial and error, keeping an eye out for any shaky tiles will fall away when stepped on.Work as a team to find the safe route and then betray your friends in a final jump to the finish!
  • The Whirlygig: Navigate the obstacles and race to the finish line!
  • Slime Climb: Outrun the rising slime and survive through obstacles to reach the finish line!
  • Fruit Chute: Dodge the flying fruit and race up the conveyor belt to reach the finish line!


  • Jump Club: Dodge the swinging arms to qualify! Fall Guys must avoid being dunked into the slime by perfectly timing their jumps over the giant rotating beams. Keep an eye on the opposition too—a well timed grab might throw other Fall Guys off their rhythm and send them sprawling to their elimination below!
  • Roll Out: Move between rotating rings to avoid falling into the slime!
  • Block Party: Avoid the moving walls and don’t fall off the platform!
  • Perfect Match: Memorise the icons on the tiles – when an icon is displayed on the screen, move to a matching tile to avoid falling into the slilme!
  • Tail Tag: Fall Guys must have a tail when the timer runs out! Some contestants are lucky enough to spawn with Tails, but what really matters is how they finish. Steal a tail and then evade others until the final klaxon to qualify!


  • Egg Scramble: Collect Eggs for your team! Fall Guys must scramble to pile eggs in their team’s basket, with the least successful team getting eliminated when time runs out. Once all the central eggs have been accounted for the stealing begins, so be sure to protect your golden eggs that are worth 5 whole points!
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll: Fall Guys must team up to roll their giant, unwieldly rubber ball through a tricky obstacle course. Last team to get their ball in the goal is eliminated! The first half of the course keeps teams separate, but their tracks join for the final section- anything goes to impede the other teams’ progress and secure victory!
  • Fall Ball: Fall Guys must score goals for their team and stumble to victory! Two giant footballs appear at kick-off, but keep an eye out for ‘rogue’ objects that keep things interesting until the final whistle!
  • Team Tail Tag: GRAB a tail – make sure that your team has more tails than the rest when the timer runs out!
  • Jinxed: The first team to get completely Jinxed are eliminated! When you get caught, GRAB the opposing team to Jinx them!
  • Hoopsie Daisy: JUMP and DIVE through hoops to score points for your team!
  • Hoarders: Keep balls in your area to earn points for your team!


  • Fall Mountain: A giant golden crown hovers at the top of Fall Mountain; a gauntlet of thundering boulders and spinners that is sure to challenge even the most experienced Fall Guy. First one to grab the crown claims victory!
  • Hex-A-Gone: A tower of unstable tiles looms over the slime below. Tiles fall away when stepped on, and Fall Guys must employ any strategy necessary to avoid being dunked in the slime and eliminated. Last Fall Guy standing takes home the crown!
  • Royal Fumble: GRAB the TAIL and make sure you’re wearing it when the timer runs out to WIN!
  • Jump Showdown: JUMP over the spinning beam and avoid the falling floor to WIN the CROWN! (This is the 25th and newest level.)

(*Because you have to “pluck” a tail from the competition, get it? I’m sorry…)

What follows is my very level-headed and not at all rage-influenced ranking of the Fall Guys levels from worst to best. But you can vote for which one you think is the best in this poll!

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