Fake reviews: Amazon kicked out 3,000 merchant accounts


Amazon has blocked 3000 retailer accounts from its platform for review manipulations. This was confirmed by a company spokeswoman, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), in a conversation with Chinese state television on Friday. Products from 600 different China brands were sold on the blocked dealer accounts.

The action is not explicitly directed against Chinese retailers, said Amazon manager Cindy Tai according to the South China Morning Post Further. In fact, Chinese brands seem to be primarily affected: as early as May, comparatively well-known brands from China, including Aukey and Mpow, had disappeared from online retailers. Products from RavPower and TaoTronics can also no longer be bought on Amazon.

Now, for the first time, Amazon has confirmed the systematic action taken against retailers who work with review manipulations. “Our customers rely on the accuracy and accuracy of user reviews to make informed purchasing decisions,” said a spokesman for the South China Morning Post. “We suspend, ban or sue those who violate our guidelines.”

The 3,000 confirmed account blocks should not have affected the growth of Chinese online retailers on Amazon, said Cindy Tai, according to the SCMP, the Chinese state television. the Marketpulse e-commerce analytics firm records a decline in the market share of Chinese retailers on Amazon for the first time in years for 2021: at the beginning of the year the market share was still 40 percent, in September it is now only 38 percent. In previous years, the market share of Chinese providers had increased by several percentage points.

Test reports created by users have been the subject of manipulation by manufacturers for years. For example, dealers send potential reviewers a list of goods from which they can choose a product. Users then receive the purchase price from the dealer after they have written a positive review.

In other cases, retailers work with gift cards that users can redeem after writing a positive review on Amazon. Such “incentive-based” reviews have been prohibited on Amazon since 2016 – at least outside of Amazon’s own Vine program.

Amazon has tolerated such practices for a long time, but for several months the online retailer has been taking stronger action against manipulated reviews. Last year, Amazon deleted around 20,000 five-star reviews from its pages in the UK.


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