Facebook is merging Instagram chat and Messenger chat

Mark Zuckerberg and his team are always working on making their services more desirable. From time to time, they produce quality changes to all of their applications. Now, it is such a time that major social sites by Mark have reached near perfection; yet, he is trying to make them even better. This time, Instagram chat and Messenger have started merger, read here to know it all.

Instagram, initially, was a social networking site, where you mainly posted your images and one minute long videos. Sometime later, IGTV was introduced, which lets you post videos longer than a minute. Soon after the TikTok ban in India, Reels was introduced to replace the latter. A new update is out now for the Beta – Testing team and this update makes the Insta chat more fun.

Why You Need Messenger in Insta Chat?

Facebook introduced Messenger for a better chat experience. For more than nine years, Messenger has become an ideal chatting service. You can reply to a particular text, apply plenty of themes, and more. These features have been inherited to Instagram now. You can now selectively reply to texts, add a reaction to texts and more.

Flaws in Instagram Chat

People certainly enjoy Instagram as a daily feed, given that the app has billions of downloads. But, the chat has really been a downside. Although you can share posts and stories with your friends, but, other apps like Messenger and WhatsApp offer much better chatting experience to you. That is one of the reasons why the Facebook team decided to give it a new face.

Once you update your Instagram, you will be given a notice about the change of chat. You need to approve of it, and then, you can see the difference for yourself. The chat tint will change to an amalgam of Instagram Color Hue and Messenger vibes. And as said earlier, you will be able to reply to texts selectively, and also react to messages, just like you do on Messenger.

Given below are some samples of before and after ‘Messenger Update’ on Instagram:

Before the Instagram Chat Update:

Chat Before Instagram Update
Chat Before Instagram Update

Instagram Chat After Update:

Instagram Chat After Update
Instagram Chat After Update

Also, you can react to texts as shown:

Reaction to texts
Reaction to texts

To reply to a text, you need to swipe from left to the right-hand side, and in order to react, you need to long-press on the message of your choice, until a pop-up comes up.

Recently Instagram had launched Reels in India amidst the TikTok ban. This is all about the new Instagram Messenger hybrid update. Do let us know how you feel about it in the comments. For more such news, stay tuned.

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