Exhaust fraud: Daimler wants to settle proceedings in the USA with comparisons

With two comparisons in the billions, the automaker Daimler wants to settle the main proceedings for alleged exhaust gas fraud in the USA. Basic agreements had been reached with the authorities and with the representatives of a large consumer class action lawsuit that would cost the company around 1.9 billion euros, Daimler announced.

This would settle civil and environmental claims “in connection with emission control systems for certain diesel vehicles”. According to the information, it is about 250,000 cars. In order to meet various requirements from the comparisons, Daimler expects additional costs in the mid three-digit million range.

The group has reached an agreement with the environmental authorities EPA and CARB, the environmental department of the Ministry of Justice and the customs and border protection authorities. The criminal investigations that have been going on in the USA since 2016 against Daimler in connection with the emissions scandal are left out. The group did not provide any information on the content of the comparisons.

“With the planned comparisons, the company is taking an important step towards creating legal certainty in various diesel proceedings in the USA,” said Daimler. The executive board and supervisory board of the car manufacturer have approved the plans. The US authorities concerned and also the competent courts still have to do this, only then will the settlements take effect.

“The company has fully cooperated with the US authorities and is continuing this cooperation,” continued Daimler. Accounting provisions have been made for the expected costs. In the past, the group had set aside large sums of money for diesel processes around the world. For this reason, among other things, the 2019 result collapsed dramatically. The Stuttgart public prosecutor also imposed a fine of 870 million euros on Daimler last year.

Mid-September 2015: The US environmental protection agency EPA accuses the Volkswagen Group of equipping diesel cars built between 2009 and 2015 with software that tricked the tests on US environmental regulations. The California Air Resources Board (CARB) came to similar findings. Both authorities send complaints to VW. (Pictured: EPA headquarters in Washington DC)
(Image: EPA

Fiat Chrysler and Volkswagen had also negotiated settlements after the exhaust gas fraud in the USA in order to settle the proceedings. Volkswagen in particular had to dig much deeper into its pockets for this.


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