Environmental organization BUND: keep high fines for speeders

In the dispute over tougher penalties for speeders, the BUND is demanding that the tightening measures decided in February be adhered to. “Transport policy in Germany has been geared towards cars and drivers for decades,” criticized the environmental organization on Friday.

It takes a rethink and more space and security for environmentally friendly modes of transport and their users. Driving bans when exceeding the speed limit of 21 kilometers per hour in town are not disproportionate. “The protection of human life must have top priority,” said BUND managing director Antje von Broock.

The background to this are changes to the road traffic regulations and the catalog of fines that have been decided by the Federal Council, which include a one-month driving ban even if the speed limit is significantly lower than before.

Shortly after the decision by the regional chamber, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) called for this tightening to be mitigated. Due to a formal error, the federal states suspended the new rules.

Now there is a dispute about whether only the formal error should be corrected or whether the harsher penalties should also be mitigated – there is still no agreement. On August 5th, after an unsuccessful video posting, Scheuer announced that it would “shortly” invite the traffic and interior departments of the federal states to further discussions. A date for this is not yet known.

The amendment to the road traffic regulations was supposed to make cycling in cities safer, but the federal states had added numerous changes in the Federal Council.


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