Enterprise Java: Eclipse Jetty 11 is ready for Jakarta EE 9

The Eclipse Foundation has announced version 11 of Jetty through its Executive Director Mike Milinkovich. Eclipse Jetty is a web server and servlet container that was launched in 1995 and has been operated under the umbrella of the open source organization since 2009. The special thing about the new release is that Jetty is now compatible with the Jakarta Servlet v5.0 specification and has also received certification for this.

This current version of the servlet specification was released in November as part of Jakarta EE 9 and therefore also uses the jakarta. *-Namespace. The changeover to the new namespace had to take place after Oracle had brought the Java EE development into the Eclipse Foundation, but the new community had not brought the namespace javax. * was allowed to use in the sources. That is why the focus of Jakarta EE 9 was on renaming, new features are not expected until version 10.

Jakarta EE includes a number of specifications that are required for developing enterprise Java applications. In the last few years, from a technical point of view, the support of cloud technologies has played the greatest role in communication and under the wishes of users. As with Java EE, each specification version includes a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). Jakarta EE is not the only major Java project that the Eclipse Foundation has launched in recent years. With Eclipse MicroProfile, a specification geared towards microservices development was created beforehand, and only this week the AdoptOpenJDK project for the provision of free Java runtime environments as Eclipse Adoptium has officially landed in the organization.

The Jetty server is used in a number of large or well-known software projects; Milinkovich names here as representative of many others: Apache Hadoop, Apache Maven, Google App Engine, the streaming API from Twitter, Zimbra and the Eclipse IDE.

Further information can be found in Milinkovich’s blog post. about the project website the web server can also be downloaded.


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