Elektra becomes “The Woman Without Fear” in new Daredevil title

Marvel’s Devil’s Reign crossover event is getting a little bigger with Daredevil: The Woman Without Fear, a new three-issue limited series from Daredevil writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Rafael De Latorre which reveals Elektra’s “darkest secret” to Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin.

As Daredevil readers know, Elektra is currently operating as Daredevil, protecting Hell’s Kitchen with a vow to never kill, per Matt Murdock’s wishes. But Devil’s Reign puts Kingpin’s army of supervillains on the trail of all of New York’s vigilantes – Elektra included – with potentially deadly results for the so-called ‘Woman Without Fear.’

“When we were planning out Devil’s Reign it became apparent early on that Elektra’s story is too big to be contained in the main series!” Zdarsky tells ComicBook, who announced Daredevil: The Woman Without Fear. “Wilson Fisk has unearthed her darkest secret and I’m super excited for readers to see the fallout in this series!”

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Aside from its obvious twist on Daredevil’s classic sub-moniker, the limited series’ title harkens back to Frank Miller and John Romita, Jr’.’s seminal ’90s story Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

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