Deutsche Telekom: Everything will only be FTTH by 2030


Deutsche Telekom wants to accelerate the expansion of its fiber optic network. By the end of 2024, fast Internet connections at gigabit speed should be possible in around 10 million households, the Bonn-based company announced in Bonn on Friday. Fiber optic connections are currently available in 2.2 million households. 1.2 million are to be added in 2021, with an upward trend in the coming years. “We’re going to continue to ramp up our machinery,” said Telekom boss Tim Höttges.

For this, the group has to dig deep into its pockets, by 2024 fiber optic investments in Germany are to increase from currently up to two billion euros per year to up to 2.5 billion euros. Super vectoring is also included in the investment budget. In the future, Telekom will then only want to use fiber optics right into the apartment (FTTH) or at least into the basement (FTTB).

In the long term, the Bonn-based company aims to ensure that all households in Germany can be supplied with fiber optics by 2030 – it is up to them whether consumers use this and conclude contracts. Telekom does not want to achieve full coverage alone, but together with competitors. To this end, the Bonn-based group is increasingly collaborating with other companies.

In the meantime, Telekom has forged numerous partnerships with other companies. Together with EWE Tel, the Bonn-based company has put the Glasfaser Nordwest joint venture on track. In North Rhine-Westphalia, Telekom cooperates with Deutsche Glasfaser. The ex-monopoly also works with regional network operators. For example, Telekom recently extended and expanded its cooperation with the Cologne-based provider Netcologne.

The two companies extended their existing agreement on Thursday for a further ten years, including fiber optics. In this way, the partners grant each other access to their networks so that they can mutually offer FTTH connections on the partner’s infrastructure. The cooperation encompasses a total of around two million households in the region around Cologne and Aachen.

Many of the ten million households that Telekom wants to bring to the fiber optic network by 2024 should already have access to another gigabit network – for example from Vodafone or other providers. “We will look at areas where we have low market shares,” said Höttges. In some areas you are only number 3 – there you intend to invest. One wants to “get market shares out of the metropolises”. In the country, one will expand where one can get the usual state subsidies there (with material from the dpa).


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