Database: The lightweight SQLite handles larger database files

Version 3.33 of the SQLite database implemented as a C library has appeared. The release enables an update to be carried out from other tables in the database and an integrity check limited to individual tables. It also performs calculations with numbers of any size that are available as text fields.

The command line tool of the embedded database also knows four new output modes. Finally, SQLite can now process database files up to a maximum size of 281 Tbytes.

The newly introduced UPDATEFROM-Concept leads one UPDATECommand taking into account other tables in the database. Even if other databases have similar concepts, the combination of the two commands is not an SQL standard. In the implementation, the library is based on the PostgreSQL approach. The SQLite documentation lists the following sample code that represents the contents of a inventory-Table above the one sales-Table updated:

UPDATE inventory
SET quantity = quantity - daily.amt
FROM (SELECT sum(quantity) AS amt, itemId
FROM sales GROUP BY 2) AS daily
WHERE inventory.itemId = daily.itemId;

There are also three new functions for calculating with values ​​that are stored as text in the database. The decimal.c-Extension adds, subtracts or multiplies decimal numbers of any size via the commands decimal_add(A,B), decimal_sub(A,B) and decimal_mul(A,B). The division is not yet integrated.

In addition, the developers have added functions to the IEE754 extension for processing binary floating point numbers to process numbers with double precision in binary64 format.

The command line shell for SQLite receives the new output formats box, json, markdown and table. In total, the command line tool can output content in fourteen different formats.

It is also worth mentioning that the library does not only perform integrity checks on the entire database, but also by specifying a table name in PRAGMA schema.integrity_check(TABLENAME) can also perform for individual tables.

Further innovations in SQLite 3.33 can be found from the release log. SQLite is a relational database implemented as a software library. Because it does not have its own server process, it is leaner than other database systems. It has direct read and write access to files. On the download page In addition to the source code, precompiled binaries are available for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android, among others.


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