Daisy Shah Gave A Mouth Shutting Reply To A Fan Who Tried To Troll The Actress For Not Contributing For Coronavirus Patients

In the wake of the ongoing situation of pandemic across the country, many celebrities and prominent people along with the commoners have come out to contribute funds for the battle against Coronavirus. Celebrities like Akshay Kumar, SRK, Suresh Raian and many others, have won hearts with their gestures towards the people of this country.

Meanwhile, as the whole country is under the lockdown, our celebrities are spending more time on social media, keeping us updated about their Quarantine days.

Recently, Bollywood actress Daisy Shah shared a picture of herself on her Instagram, where she can be seen looking absolutely gorgeous. Sharing the picture on Instagram, Daisy Shah wrote:

Discovering new filters on IG be like! #thingsyoudo(sic)”

Here, check out the Instagram post of Daisy Shah:

The post went viral in no time, with netizens flooding the post with their amazing comments on it. However, the comment that caught the attention of the actress came from a person who tried to school to donate money for Coronavirus victims and encourage others to do as well instead of posting pictures on Instagram. The Instagram user wrote:

 “Donate some amount of money and encourage people to do so…Instead of posting here such things”

Daisy Shah was quick to notice the comment and come up with a savage reply to the Instagram user. Daisy gave a mouth-shutting reply to the Instagram user and said that she has already done her bit. She wrote:

“@has_mat_paagal stop giving chindi gyaan on my space! I am doing my bit n definitely don’t need to people like u who are full of volume n no action”

Here, check out the comments:

Meanwhile, Coronavirus cases are increasing rapidly. The tally of patients has already crossed 3,082, including 86 deaths.


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