CovPass app: Update supports further certificates

Anyone who has to have their Covid 19 vaccination status checked regularly, for example when traveling, is well advised to download proof of the immunization that has taken place on their smartphone. This is made possible, among other things, by the CovPass app of the federal government and the Robert Koch Institute. If you have not yet been vaccinated, but still have the same rights as someone who has been vaccinated thanks to a Covid-19 infection or a negative test result, you can also use the CovPass app to prove this status with immediate effect. With the latest update for the application, the makers are keeping the promise to also save recovery certificates and negative test results on the smartphone. As with the vaccination certificate, the respective proof is read in via QR code.

How to get test and recovery certificates

In order to receive an EU-wide recognized certificate, which you can store in the CovPass app if you wish, as a non-vaccinated person, you need an officially verified result of a passed Covid-19 infection or proof of a negative corona test carried out by specialist staff. You can obtain the digitally usable certificates from the health department responsible for you, among other things, whereby each federal state and in some cases also the individual districts regulate the issuing of the certificates differently, which makes the situation somewhat opaque for citizens at the moment. In some regions, for example, you have to apply for a recovery certificate, in others you will receive it automatically, provided that your Covid-19 infection has been officially recorded by the health department. Basically, anyone who can present a positive PCR test that is at least 28 days and a maximum of six months old is considered to have recovered. In the future, it should be possible to convert test and recovery results issued in analog form into digital evidence in pharmacies as well.

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