Coronavirus in India: 4 cities which saw over 50% of COVID-19 related deaths in India

The total number of COVID-19 cases in India breached the 11,000 mark on Wednesday. The Health Ministry updated India’s coronavirus total to 11,439. the number included 9,756 active cases, 1,306 recovered/disccharged and 377 deaths.

The state of Maharashtra accounts for a huge portion if India’s COVID-19 cases with over 3,000 cases followed by Delhi which has almost 1,600 cases.

In the matter of coronavirus deaths, nearly half of the total 377 deaths in the counntry come from Maharashtra which has reported 178 coronavirus demises according to health ministry’s data.

From Maharaashtra’s 178 deaths, 112 comes from Mumbai alone and 35 from Pune, as declared on state coronavirus monitoring dashboard.

The state of Madhya Pradesh has the second highest COVID-19 death toll in the country with 50 deaths. According to the state health department report put out on Tuesday, Indore has seen the maximum coronavirus deaths in the state with 37 people who have succumbed to death.

With up to 30 COVID-19 deaths, the national capital has the third highest number of coronavirus deaths in India.

Collectively these four Indian cities, Mumbai (112), Pune (35), Delhi (30) and Indore (37), account for more than 50% to 57% to be accurate – of the country’s death toll with almost 214 coronavirus fatalities.

The 21 day national lockdown was further prolonged on Tuesday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The lockdown will now end on 3rd May.

The government on Wednesday put out a new set of instructions that are to be followed in the prolonged phase of the lockdown.

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