Coronavirus: Here’s how you should use your AC amid COVID-19 outbreak

As the temperature shoot up towards 40 degrees celsius, people need to use air conditioners and coolers in order to get some respite from the scorching heat. But, there have been many concerns over the use of ACs and coolers, and also over what temperature they should be used in, in the thick of the coronavirus outbreak.

In a guideline, the Centre has instructed what the ideal temperature of the AC and cooler should be,

Here’s what the guideline says:

Air Conditioners:

As stated in the advisory, the temperature of the home-run AC should be between 24-30 degrees Celcius, and the humidity should be between 40%-70%.

“Recirculation of cool air by room air conditioners must be accompanied by outdoor air intake through slightly open windows and exhaust by natural exfiltration,” the guideline says.

The guideline suggests that the rooms should be kept ventilated even when ACs are not running. “As an extra precaution the frequency of service can be increased”.

Evaporative Coolers:

The government has also advised on the use of evaporative coolers that give effectual cooling during hot and dry weather conditions.

Many evaporative coolers do not have air filters as original equipment but they can be fitted to the cooler during or after Installation. This is advisable to prevent dust entry and maintain hygiene, evaporative cooler tanks must be kept clean and disinfected and the water drained and refilled frequently, the advisory read.

Horizontal Flow Evaporative Coolers, Installed in windows, can effectively cool a room. Windows must be open to release humud air. Portable evaporative coolers that do not draw outdoor air are not recommended, the advisory says, further adding that “evaporative coolers must draw air from outside to ensure good ventilation”.


The document further stated that windows should be kept open while using electric fans.

“If an exhaust fan is located nearby, then, it can also be switched on to exhaust air for better ventilation,” it adds.

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