Corona bridging aid: Official form links to wrong website

The problems with the URLs for Corona aid simply never end: Anyone who is currently applying for bridging aid for companies via the nationwide application platform must, among other things, fill out a form in which a prominently placed link does not lead to more information (“Current version of the Execution Notes “), but leads to a website that is for sale. Instead of going to the official site he leads to, a parked domain that you can buy.

In addition, there is another typo in the URL, which ensures that not even manual correction of the domain leads to the desired page. Fraudsters could take over the domain at any time and target entrepreneurs who want to check the “declarations of the applicant” particularly carefully and view the information page.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier had the platform for further liquidity support for companies in crisis Presented in early July. Entrepreneurs cannot submit the applications themselves; only tax advisors or auditors are authorized to do so. The application should be made quickly and the money should be paid out quickly. However, while the ministries for economics and finance involved had apparently given the correct URL in their press releases, it apparently did not arrive everywhere: Google is currently finding several information pages – for example from municipalities – that refer to the wrong URL.

In April there had already been problems with an aid program for companies and the self-employed who, in view of the restrictions on public life, needed financial aid to avoid bankruptcy: In North Rhine-Westphalia, the state’s aid program was temporarily suspended after a scam was exposed, based on “fake websites”. Such a scam would currently be possible given the wrong URL sent via a public form. The Federal Ministry of Economics has not yet responded to a request from heise online. It is unclear how exactly the wrong link could have occurred and since when the error has existed.


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