Corona app: risk encounter, but only low risk. How so?

M.With the face mask on the train, then rushed through the station building, in the office then the shock: risk encounter! At least that’s what the Corona warning app says. The confusing thing: The app still rates the risk as low and leaves question marks.

Low risk despite risk encounter

The hint alone is not very meaningful. How can such an encounter be low risk? And why do I get this message at all? The user does not receive a detailed explanation in the app. Only on the official website Answers can be found under “Common Problems”. There it says:

All encounters with a positive identification that lasted less than 10 minutes in total (no matter how close the smartphones were) or where the smartphones were on average more than approx. 8 meters of free space (73 dB attenuation) apart (no matter how long they lasted in total) are discarded as harmless. This is why the Corona warning app can have reported you encounters without the risk assessment changing.

Accordingly, the risk encounter with low risk could also be translated as follows: someone in your area was infected, but the person was either too close or too far away in your area, so that the risk of infection is unlikely. That answers the why. But the question still remains: what for? If the risk is too low anyway, the warning appears unnecessary and misleading.

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Problems and other questions

The warning app got off to a bumpy start anyway: due to a bug, the app did not work properly for millions of users, and an update provided a remedy. Other (error) messages confuse users as well as the strange way of counting the days of activity. The functionality is also not clear to everyone. COMPUTER BILD has therefore summarized the most frequently asked questions and answers about the Corona warning app for you.

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