Consumer advice center: Parship lets paying customers go

Dissatisfied paying Parship customers should now take the opportunity and cancel. This is pointed out by the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv), which recently announced a model declaratory action against the dating service provider. Parship is possibly showing itself to be accommodating against this background.

“The suspicion is obvious that Parship wants to avoid a lawsuit by the vzbv with his sudden relenting,” says Henning Fischer, speaker at vzbv. “Thousands of consumers now have the opportunity to get out of the contracts without having to file a lawsuit and save several hundred euros.” But you should act quickly, says the vzbv, because Parship can change its behavior again. The consumer advocates give tips about termination.

Normally, the paid Parship membership is automatically renewed if customers do not cancel in time. The vzbv does not consider this to be legal and is aiming for a model declaratory action. He wants to ensure that Parships terms and conditions are ineffective and users can withdraw from the contract at any time. The vzbv calls on customers to report any dismissals that have been rejected.


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