Congstar: data tariffs upgraded – with a catch!


In the case of so-called data tariffs, there are no minutes of calls or SMS in the foreground, it is all about the data volume. The special tariffs are used in notebooks or tablet PCs, for example, so that they can surf the Internet independently of a WLAN network. Congstar has now brought its data plans up to date. What does that mean in detail?

Congstar data plans 2021

As usual, there are three data tariffs with fixed conditions to choose from with Congstar: Congstar Data S, M and L. That data volume but has almost every level doubled: from 4 gigabytes (GB) to 8 GB for the M tariff, from 8 GB to 16 GB for the L tariff. Only with the smallest data plan there is now 4 GB, more than double the volume (previously 1.5 GB). Also new: For a surcharge of 5 euros per month, users switch the LTE 50 option free and surf with up to 50 instead of 25 Mbit / s. If the data quota is exhausted in the current month, the speed is reduced to 32 Kbit / s.

  • Congstar data S: 4 GB, LTE 25, 10 euros per month
  • Congstar data M: 8 GB, LTE 25, 16 euros per month
  • Congstar data L: 16 GB, LTE 25, 22 euros per month

Of the hook: Not only did the data volume increase, the price also went up slightly. The old versions of the data tariffs still cost 8 (S), 15 (M) and 20 euros (L), respectively. The terms have remained the same with either 24 months (15 euros provision fee) or one month (one-time 35 euros). By the way: With the Congstar data tariffs, you can even send SMS (9 cents per unit) and MMS (39 cents).


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