Congress replaces Rajasthan in-charge Pande with Maken to keep ‘promise’ made to Sachin Pilot

File photo of Congress leader Ajay Maken addressing a press conference outside the Fairmont hotel, Jaipur | Photo: Suraj Singh Bisht | ThePrint

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New Delhi: Keeping its ‘promise’ made to Sachin Pilot, the Congress Sunday replaced Avinash Pande with Ajay Maken as the party’s general secretary in-charge of Rajasthan.

In a press statement, the Congress said it “wholeheartedly appreciates” Pande’s contribution.

Pilot welcomed the appointment of Maken to the post in a tweet.

According to a senior Congress leader, Pande’s removal from the responsibility was one of Pilot’s pressing demands, as the former Rajasthan deputy CM always viewed him as a loyalist of CM Ashok Gehlot. The move is part of the truce agreed between the two camps after Pilot and his loyalists’ month-long rebellion had put the future of the Congress government in trouble.

“The Pilot camp always felt that they were ignored by Pande. Many also feel that the situation went out of hand as Pande didn’t pay much attention before it finally exploded. Pilot, in his meeting, had insisted that Pande needs to be replaced, and the party has delivered,” the leader told ThePrint.

“There were many other issues that were raised by Pilot, but the party so far has not given any commitment, including on the way Gehlot manages his affairs and runs the government. But many feel the central leadership will be much more involved now,” the leader said.

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