D.he Medion Akoya S15447 is a lavishly equipped discounter notebook – and from August 27, 2020 at Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd! The notebook is currently still being tested, but here you can find information about what notebook buyers can expect for 775 euros. COMPUTER BILD will bring the complete test shortly.

The best 15-inch notebooks

Medion Akoya S15447: Classic 15-inch notebook

15-inch models are the classics among notebooks. Why? Because they are a good compromise between a fairly large screen (more fun when working or watching videos) and a small housing. The Medion Akoya S15447, for example, weighs only 1.78 kilograms and is thin enough to disappear in a backpack or a briefcase (dimensions 36.0×24.4×2.3 centimeters). As with most notebooks in this price range, the Akoya S15447 has a Full HD display (resolution 1920×1080 pixels), but with high-quality technology: An IPS panel is used. That should ensure high image quality, better than displays with inexpensive TN panels.

Chic aluminum notebook with a lot of power: An Intel Core i7 processor from the latest series (10th generation) powers the Aldi notebook Medion Akoya S15447.

Power from the 10th generation

Medion Akoya S15447 connections © Medion

The connections of the new Aldi notebook (Medion Akoya S15447): Left 1 x HDMI, 2 x USB 3.1 and USC-C 3.1 with display port, right a combination socket for headphones or headset, 1 x USB 2.0, memory card reader (SD) and a recess for locks in the Kensington standard.

Fast charge and USB-C

Medion Akoya S15447: Prices and Availability

The Medion Akoya S15447 is available from August 27, 2020 at Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd for 775.03 euros (due to the reduced VAT at a slightly “crooked” price than usual).

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