Color printer test 2020: anything but lubricated!

A.everything digital? That will probably take a while, because a printer will often still have to be used in 2020: presentations, tickets or holiday pictures are needed on paper after all. And there are always plenty of printed documents that should also be stored digitally on the hard drive. No problem, a scanner reads them in. Multifunction devices can do both, i.e. print and scan. This saves space in the office and at home. The color printer test from COMPUTER BILD shows which multifunctional devices bring holiday pictures, graphics and portraits to paper with a high print quality.


Color printer test: Only the print quality counts

The core discipline of color printers is still printing, which is why COMPUTER BILD does not grade equipment extras in this test, but only one test point: How well and inexpensively do the devices transfer color photos and graphics to paper? In our comparison test, the models with the best print quality of the recently tested and currently commercially available multifunction devices compete against each other.

Long equipment lists for color printers

Manufacturers of multifunctional devices often use long equipment lists to distract from the most important function: printing, and please do it well and cheaply. Instead, the providers praise the “egg-laying woolly milk pig” including copier, flatbed scanner with additional sheet feeder, old-fashioned fax machine, Memory card reader, WLAN and network connection for connection to the PC. The result: Many multifunctional devices can somehow do everything, but nothing really well. Especially in their most important task, some models go wrong. If you are to immortalize photos and graphics in decent quality on normal and photo paper, the result is often sobering.

Saturated colors

Because it is primarily the color rendering that determines the quality of printed graphics and photos. Nothing is more annoying than when the sunrise shot with the sinfully expensive camera shines in a rich orange on the PC monitor, but lies behind a gray veil in the printout. Even wrong colors destroy the entire motif, such as a green cast in faces.

High definition

In addition, cameras with high resolution offer enormous image sharpness and display the finest details down to individual grains of sand on the beach. This requires a printer that can reasonably put the many pixels on paper. Otherwise the device will only deliver spongy, blurred images with a brown soot instead of sand. This also applies to Excel and PowerPoint presentations.

Finely graduated instead of monochrome

High smear resistance

26 models

Printer, scanner, copier and fax in one

Color printer comparison: test conclusion

Summary: only smudge-proof colors or only good results on photo paper – that alone is not enough in the race for the top color printer. The Canon Pixma TR8550 (3rd place), the Canon Pixma TS9550 (2nd place) and the HP Envy Photo 7830 (1st place) offer the best overall package with high print quality and acceptable smear resistance.

* The cheapest price may be higher in the meantime.

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