Classic game “Frenzic” back on the iPhone

The casual game “Frenzic”, which has not been available on the iPhone for several years, has returned to iOS – in the form of a download for Apple’s in-house game service Arcade. The title can also be played on iPadOS, macOS and tvOS.

The one from the traditional development studio Iconfactory developed game came in 2007 for the first time on Mac OS X and later on the iPhone; in the meantime there was also a variant for Nintendo DS (as DSiWare). The idea for “Frenzic” comes from Germany: The game developer Wolfgang Ante invented the concept and implemented it with the Iconfactory. The process is simple: users have to fill circles with colored quarters, whereby the best matching colors come together. A timer runs and the number of circles increases. The simple game principle quickly develops an addiction factor.

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More from Mac & i

More from Mac & i

The revised version of “Frenzic” is called “Frenzic Overtime”. It comes with a total of 45 new levels that visually play in a robot / space universe. There are new “mini-goals” to keep the player engaged, new extras and an overall expanded game universe. The soundtrack is the same, but has been pimped up. The title is completely family-friendly.

In addition to “Frenzic”, Apple Arcade is currently bringing a whole range of other iOS game classics back to the devices. In the past few weeks these have included “Mini Metro”, “Fruit Ninja Classic +”, “Reigns”, “Monument Valley” and “Chameleon Run”. In addition, the group will soon have other old favorites such as “Jetpack Joyride” from the early phase of iPhone gaming up its sleeve.

Many of the titles were either completely removed from the App Store or not updated for a long time; Apple makes sure that the arcade version is provided with new functions and the latest technology. The service is offered as a subscription service at a price of 5 euros per month. The games, for which there is then free access, all do without in-app purchases and can be played offline – they are obtained from the App Store and installed like normal apps.


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