‘CEO’ meeting his high school math teacher in viral video is not Sundar Pichai

YouTube screengrab of viral video

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New Delhi: A video claiming to be of Google CEO Sundar Pichai visiting his “high school mathematics teacher Molly Abraham” has been doing the rounds on several social media platforms. The video claims the CEO is meeting his favourite high school teacher after more than 26 years and shows him presenting her a sari.

The video went viral on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and was even circulated on WhatsApp. It was also shared by the official verified handle of the Telugu Film Producers Council channel (TFPC) Sunday on YouTube — it got more than 18,000 views and was liked by more than 500 people.

The video was shared by multiple other YouTube pages as well.

Fact check

The video is actually from 2017 and is not of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, but of IC3 founder Ganesh Kohli, instead.

ThePrint’s fake news checker found that the video, with a caption stating the person in it is Google’s Pichai, was circulated across social media platforms with Kohli’s voiceover.

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