How to unlock the Cube Queen skin in Fortnite Season 8

[ad_1] Characters returned to Fortnite in Season 8. Here are all of the Fortnite character locations in the new season, along with which ones offer upgrades, prop disguises, bounties, and more. Fortnite first introduced NPCs in Season 5, with the large-scale overhaul of the economy. NPCs are back once again in Season 8, and they […]

The acclaimed 4v1 horror game soon to release on mobile

[ad_1] Game publisher MyTona has announced that the highly acclaimed game Propnight will be making its way to mobile as it is currently being developed for release on Android and iOS.  The news came from the developer’s official Facebook page where they were announcing the game’s open beta test for PC users via Steam. At […]

Fabio Sparklemane’s horrifying Fortnite lore explained

[ad_1] The new Sideways Anomalies introduced at the start of Fortnite Season 8 are ridiculously overpowered. Here’s why you need to be visiting these anomalies. Fortnite Season 8 is off to a weird start. Where the past few seasons had themes that were easy to understand, Season 8 is a black swan. With Cubed being […]

Where to find Sniper Rifles in Fortnite Season 8

[ad_1] Fortnite Season 8 is yet another season that seemingly doesn’t include Sniper Rifles. However, here is how you can find Sniper Rifles in Fortnite Season 8 to dominate your opponents from afar. Sniper Rifles come in all shapes and sizes in Fortnite. In the beginning, there were only the Bolt Action Snipers. Epic Games […]

Fortnite: Where to find mission kit and place jammers

[ad_1] Players have to open Fortnite mission kits and place jammers in the latest Legendary Challenges. Here’s how it’s done! A new set of weekly Legendary challenges releases each week. Completing these challenges rewards players with a massive amount of XP. However, Legendary challenges are only available for 7 days. That means you will have […]

Here’s how to download it in any country

[ad_1] Everdale is a brand-new game from the mobile gaming giant Supercell, the creators of games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and other extremely popular titles. the game can be downloaded already as it’s in beta. However, it’s only available in specific regions right now. Here’s a guide for helping you through the download process […]

Fortnite survey teases crossovers with Nintendo, SpongeBob, and More

[ad_1] Epic Games has sent another survey to select players with a list of potential Fortnite crossovers that it is considering for the game. Fortnite has issued a number of these surveys in the past asking players for their opinions on a number of things. Surveys have also revealed crossovers and subscription services before their […]

Gameloft announced Asphalt Nitro 2 for low-end devices

[ad_1] Asphalt Nitro 2 is set to launch soon and Gameloft is promising an exhilarating racing experience for its players. A post on the Gameloft website announced the release of Asphalt Nitro 2, along with details regarding the game, including its compatibility with low-end devices. The announcement on the Gameloft website Sequel to the classic […]

The top 10 sweatiest cosmetics in Fortnite (2021)

[ad_1] Here are the top 10 sweatiest cosmetics in Fortnite. If you see a player wearing any of these, it might be best to avoid them at all costs. Last year, we completed a list of the top-ten sweatiest skins in the game. Many of those skins have retained their “sweaty” status, but we’ve seen […]