Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 Upcoming Buffs & Nerfs You Need To Know

1 Operator Skills Changes 1. GRAVITY SPIKES: Regeneration time increased. Specialists will take a longer time to cool down, so players will have longer intervals between using it. Higher altitude while jumping to spike (this last one seems more like a buff). 2. DEATH MACHINE GUN (SCYTHE): This is getting nerfed. Damaged has been reduced at close […]

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Is LIVE In Korean Version Of The Game

[ad_1] A few days back, Activision pushed back the release date of Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Update. After witnessing what the Season 7 has to offer, it’s understandable why players are getting desperate for it. However, it looks like the upcoming season isn’t that far away.  Just recently, Call of Duty Mobile Korea got the Season 7 […]