Canon system camera at the best price: Camera offer at Saturn

Whether the sunset from the previous vacation or pictures from the last family celebration, we like to capture beautiful moments. With a good camera, this becomes even easier. Saturn currently has a good entry-level model from Canon on offer: the EOS M50 MK II system camera. In the COMPUTER BILD test, the camera scored a 2.1. Particularly noteworthy are the high image quality and ease of use. The Canon camera is also convincing in terms of price. According to the price comparison portal idealo, the current Saturn offer is way ahead of other Internet providers at 759 euros for the package price. In addition to the camera housing, the package also includes a 15-45 millimeter lens, a camera bag and a memory card (16 gigabytes). With a Saturn Card you save an additional 20 euros. To receive this discount, you must register as a Saturn Card customer in advance. (all prices and information – as of June 11, 2021).

Canon EOS M50 MK II in the Saturn deal

  • If you buy with a Saturn Card, you save an additional 20 euros
  • 15-45 millimeter lens, pouch and memory card included
  • 24 megapixel resolution, swiveling touchscreen display, 4K videos in portrait format possible

System camera set from Canon at a top price at Saturn

Canon starter set cheaper at Saturn

Whether for photos, videos or a live stream, you are well positioned with the Canon EOS M50 MK II. With the series recording of ten images per second, you can record your child’s first steps or the finish line of your partner in a bike race. Even in dark light conditions, thanks to the autofocus, you can take up to minus four light value snapshots of meetings with friends. The system camera from Canon has a rotatable and swiveling touch display, so that you can take photos or take selfies from many angles.

When you buy the Canon set, you already have a 15-45 millimeter lens. The camera is compatible with all lenses from the EF-M series. You can also connect an external microphone via the 3.5 millimeter socket. Thanks to autofocus with eye and face recognition, video recordings in 4K resolution are sharp. Compared to its predecessor, with the EOS M50 MK II you can also make videos in portrait format or use the camera as a webcam. Practical: When transferring the video material to the smartphone, the camera automatically adjusts the format. The Canon masters WLAN and Bluetooth and enables you to easily control it remotely via a corresponding app.

A tripod for the Saturn offer

If you want to expand your equipment for the perfect photos and videos, you will find suitable models from Rollei, Hama and many other providers in the tripod comparison. In the comparison, the possible tripod height, the maximum load capacity and the tripod head are compared.
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