Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Shipment


5. Napalm Incoming. The new Napalm Scorestreak — unlocked for free at Tier 14 in the Season 2 Battle Pass — can inflict some serious damage on Shipment’s confined playfield. Keep it in your sights as you progress through the tiers, and give it a try once you’ve unlocked it.

4. Justified Paranoia. In such constant activity, it’s impossible to keep track of every incoming enemy. Consider using High Alert to be notified of enemies appearing out of view. There’s no better feeling than turning on a confident attacker and landing the kill.

3. Go Vertical. It’s not just what’s in front of you that presents a constant danger here, but what’s above you, too. With smart mantling, it’s possible to cross the map without touching the ground. Keep an eye out for climbers and try it yourself to catch the enemy off their guard.

2. Get Creative with Gunsmith. Pair large magazines and hip-fire attachments for suppressive fire on the move, make snappy weapons with rapid handling speeds, or try a high-damage pistol outfitted for maximum mobility. Get creative and get slaying.

1. Enjoy the Ride. You will have bad games and good games, horrible matches where your deaths are double your kills and great soaring matches where every fight ends in your favor. Whatever the result, have fun while doing it.

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