Call Of Duty 2020 Teaser Seems To Confirm Cold War Setting

The latest teaser for 2020’s new Call of Duty game appears to have confirmed its rumored 1960s setting. We’ll likely be going back to an espionage-filled Cold War Black Ops shooter after Treyarch’s last few games have taken us into the future.

A teaser site unveiled that had teased a 12:00 clock in its corner has now revealed a new image. The image features today’s date and “1961-1962” on the top of a piece of paper. The rest of its contents have been redacted, but it certainly fits in line with the mysterious and conspiratorial Black Ops games. In the first entry, it was heavily implied the brainwashed protagonist was involved in the JFK assassination.

Teaser for Call of Duty 2020

A video on the teaser site includes several references to the Cold War and nuclear weapons, and visiting one of the URLs listed on a sticky note also includes a short letter detailing strategy and a cryptic message about battles being won before they are fought.

The new image comes after strange locked boxes were sent to media outlets. After opening them earlier this week, it was found they contained antique-style slide projectors that added more fuel to the Black Ops fire.

With “Day One” also visible on the piece of paper, it’s likely we will be getting several more of these teasers before the full game is officially revealed. Call of Duty games are typically unveiled around May each year, so Activision is certainly cutting it a lot closer this time around.

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