BU: Preparation for general promotion for UG and PG 3 lakh students

Bhopal. UG-PG has 11 lakh regular students all over the state, out of which 3 lakh students study only in BU. Due to the lock down, UG and PG examinations of Barkatullah University are not being conducted. This examination will still be postponed till further orders. Because the lockdown has been further increased by 3 May.

Professors say that now there is no option left to give general promotion to the students of all courses. All the students are uncertain as to when their examination will take place. A meeting has been held between officials of Higher Education Department and Universities in this regard. Most of the opinion was that general promotion should be given to the students. Now they are waiting for instructions from the state government in this matter.

Provincial Professor of Provincial Government College Professors Association Prof. Kailash Tyagi says that in such a situation, giving general promotion to students is to protect their lives. The number of students is more than 11 lakhs. In such a situation, it will be difficult to follow social distancing during the exam. If the decision is not taken soon, the next academic session will also be affected. In order to follow the calendar in the next session, it is necessary that the admissions in the first year are at the right time.

BU Vice Chancellor Prof. RJ Rao told that Rajaypal sought action plans from the Vice Chancellors of all universities for the coming days. Pro. Rao said that the third year examination will have to be done. General promotion may be considered in the first and second year. According to Dr. Radhavallabh Sharma, former Additional Director, Higher Education Department, in such a situation, first year and second year students should be given general promotion. The process of giving general promotion will also take time at the university level. In this case only the coordination committee headed by the Governor of the Universities is competent. She can decide.

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