BTS: Is there love between Jungkook and Jimin?

“Jimkook”: Jungkook and Jimin shiping continues for BTS fans.

Cecilia Kookmin, a YouTube user, posted a video of more than 25 minutes on her channel where she talks about all the shiping that fans have created about the alleged romantic relationship between Jungkook and Jimin. The young woman compiled several videos that could be the necessary tests to confirm this courtship.

“Jimkook”, an open secret

In the more than 1900 comments that the video has, many people comment that they would be fascinated if this ship was confirmed by the members of BTS but many others know that big hit will not allow this to happen since this information could be counterproductive for the group .

ARMY shipping?

What the entire ARMY surely agrees on is that they want to see the members of BTS happy, whoever it is, although many cling to this relationship despite the fact that there is no reliable confirmation. Fortunately, on YouTube there are many videos like this one made by Celilia Kookmin that helps to have proofs about the shipping.

The video is titled: “JungKook said I LOVE YOU to Jimin”, and in this you can also find the best moments of the idols together, having a good time, laughing, hugging and enjoying their closeness. The youtuber also confirms that these two celebrities could live and even sleep together. Do you really believe it?

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