Britney Spears: Instagram posts shock fans

D.f the psyche of singer Britney Spears is not the most stable, showed her total crash in 2007. At that time, the pop star shaved his head after the failure of his marriage and was visibly confused in public. Although Britney seems to be back on track for years, her fans regularly worry about the 38-year-old’s mental state. Now the speculation is coming to a head. Current Instagram posts by the musician give cause for renewed speculation about her mental health. In one Video she presents herself in different bikinis and high heels and dances around awkwardly in front of the camera. According to the post, she was looking for the right bikini for her next vacation and wanted her fans to be part of the selection.

Britney fans are concerned

Instead of being happy about the insight into the private life of their star, however, their followers were sometimes concerned. Britney stands next to her in the clip and looks confused, according to many Instagram users. It was made worse by another clip that Spears put in a short time later. In it she shows herself again barely dressed and with a lascivious look performs a deliberately erotic dance. The singer doesn’t show anything here that fans wouldn’t see of her on stage, but many of her followers are sure: something is wrong here.

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Drugs, breakdown or is everything okay?

Some suspect that the singer was drugged and therefore out of her senses, while others fear a psychological breakdown. Is there anything to this speculation? Probably not. A look at Spears Instagram posts over the past few months and years shows that the singer has always featured in so many posts. In it, she is always emphatically sexy, performs dances and rarely has anything important to announce. Rather, some fans apparently tend to overreact. After all, a whole movement has formed under the hashtag #freebritney that worries about the singer. Who has the bigger problems here?

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