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Messenger Telegram made headlines as the virtual home of right-wing extremists. But not only political extremes are spreading there, black market traders too. Until now, anyone looking for black market offers for drugs, weapons or stolen accounts on the Internet usually had to use the Tor browser and know how to use it properly. In the meantime, such offers can also be found without any problems via the messenger Telegram, writes c’t in its current issue. The technical hurdles are low, a simple search query is enough.

Most school-age children had digital lessons or at least digital exchanges with teachers during school closings. 85 percent of the households surveyed stated this in a study carried out by the market research institute Kantar. Around half of the parents were satisfied with the lessons, but a third were also dissatisfied. In the study, 54 percent stated that the teachers designed the digital lessons on their own initiative. 42 percent, however, say that the teachers were overwhelmed. 59 percent found the use of the schools themselves to be satisfactory – at least the schools would have done everything in their power.

In the future, Instagram wants to more closely check user accounts that appear due to conspicuous behavior. The operators of the photo and video platform mean, for example, accounts that are apparently controlled by bots or fraudsters. In order to track down suspicious user accounts, Instagram would like to subject the account holder to an identity check. According to the Instagram blog, the company accepts various types of ID for the test. The full name, age and a photo of the person are important.

The Urwahn Platzhirsch is a pedelec whose steel frame is manufactured using a 3D printing process. It weighs only 14 kg, is at the same time ultra stable and drives very precisely. The electrical auxiliary drive comes from the automotive supplier Mahle. At a time when global supply chains have to be rethought, Urwahn scores with regional production of the highest quality. An apparent weakness of the top dog is the price: 4490 euros demand Urwahn for it: not cheap, but worth the money, judged heise Autos after a test.

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