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In 2017, large shipping companies and other logistics companies were also victims of cyber attacks with the “NotPetya” malware. In order to avoid the millions of euros in damage caused by this, new international standards for cybersecurity on board ships will apply in the maritime sector from 2021. The Federal Office for Information Security has now published guidelines for the appropriate implementation. Accordingly, the captain not only has to implement and monitor a corresponding defense plan, but also recognize defects and weak points and report them to the shipping company. This in turn is encouraged to react quickly to cyber incidents and to restore systems from backups.

In 2050, the habitat of more than a billion people in the world could be threatened. Climate change, conflict and unrest could force many of these people to leave their home countries, a study by the Institute for Economics and Peace predicts. As early as 2040, more than five billion people could be affected by high or extremely high water scarcity, for example in India or China. As a result of this development, the experts warn of massive migration movements, which would particularly affect the European countries classified as relatively crisis-proof. The researchers warn that Europe must become aware of the effects and the responsibilities that come with it. Governments would have to deal with how the resilience of crisis states can be strengthened.

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Adobe delivers important security updates for Experience Manager, Framemaker and InDesign on Patchday. Without this, attackers could attack computers with Adobe software and execute malicious code with the rights of the victim. If a victim with admin rights is successfully attacked, a computer is considered completely compromised.

Microsoft has also released security updates for several products and closed over 120 security vulnerabilities. Various vulnerabilities in the Edge and Internet Explorer web browsers are considered to be the most dangerous. Here an attacker only has to lure victims to a prepared website. The visit alone triggers a memory error, which in turn enables malicious code to be executed.

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