Brief information: Pegasus, Federal Statistical Office, charging sockets, Twitter

In France, the NSO Group’s spyware scandal continues to spread. According to a media report, investigative authorities have found traces of the Pegasus spy software on the smartphones of three ministers. Their devices were infected between 2019 and 2020. Not all of you were in the same office at the time as you are today, but even then you were all part of the cabinet. In France, the information security authority had already confirmed infections with Pegasus on journalists’ devices. While the technology used for the attacks comes from Israel, the people who commissioned the attacks are not always known, as is the motive.

A few days before the general election, a hacker attack on the Federal Statistical Office is said to have occurred on Wednesday. Its boss is also the federal returning officer. This was reported by the business magazine Business Insider. The quick identification of the damage shows that the security systems are working, a spokesman for the federal returning officer told the dpa. “The internal election servers for determining the election results are operated in separate networks, so there is no danger in relation to the Bundestag election.”

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The EU Commission’s proposal to make uniform USB-C charging sockets for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other electronic products mandatory, is rejected by Bitkom. There are better “levers and measures” to prevent electronic waste. Uniform charging sockets could even have the opposite effect and initially increase the volume of electronic waste. From Bitkom’s point of view, politics should not only focus on the charging adapter. The environmental balance of devices rather depends on how long they can be used and how energy efficient they are.

Twitter is introducing a tip function worldwide – payments with Bitcoin are also possible. A banknote symbol will soon appear on some Twitter profiles. This means that users can send a tip. Twitter is introducing the function worldwide after a test run. The accounts that have activated receiving tips can be recognized by the banknote symbol next to the follow button.

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