Bremen: Germany’s first hydrogen-powered garbage truck in use

In Bremen, Germany’s first hydrogen-powered disposal vehicle has started to collect organic waste in real operation. The truck called Bluepower was built by the Lower Saxony company Faun, and it will now replace a vehicle with a conventional drive for around 14 weeks. The waste disposal company and the manufacturer want to use the test to find out how the vehicle reacts to everyday stress, whether malfunctions occur and whether it delivers the desired performance.

The manufacturer Faun is convinced of itthat climate-neutral transport can only be achieved with hydrogen-powered trucks. The company explains that fuel cell and battery technology are combined in the vehicle’s self-developed drive system. Faun officially started series production of its own hydrogen vehicles only a few days ago, and Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil was present. According to the Weserkurier Faun wants to manufacture 20 such hydrogen vehicles this year, and next year there should be 100. The manufacturer is certain that they will be delivering more hydrogen-powered than diesel vehicles in five years.

According to the newspaper, the price for such a disposal vehicle is around 750,000 euros, three times as much as a vehicle with an incinerator. The infrastructure is currently also difficult. In Bremen, for example, the next hydrogen filling station is 15 kilometers away from the disposal company’s depot. And in order to be truly climate-neutral, the hydrogen must also be generated with renewable energies. For example, the European Union is currently pushing ahead with the construction of capacities for this. The black-red coalition had just presented its own hydrogen strategy a few weeks ago.


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