Boston Dynamics: Robot spot now also available in Europe

Manufacturer Boston Dynamics is now also offering its robot dog Spot for sale in Europe. One of the machines costs 74,500 US dollars, the equivalent of around 63,000 euros. In demonstration videos, the robots impress time and again with their fluid movements; In practice, however, they should not shine through show values, but rather, for example, perform routine inspections in industrial plants. In June, Boston Dynamics began selling Spot freely in the USA, and it now serves other regions of the world.

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(Source: Boston Dynamics)

Anyone who buys Spot in the “Explorer Edition” also receives a charger, two batteries, a tablet for control with charger and case for storage. Software and an update promise were part of it. Additional modules that can be fitted, such as special cameras, are optionally available. Discounts are offered for educational institutions, and a leasing program should also be offered against it.

Among other things, Spot is already being used in Europe in a plant of the chemical and pharmaceutical company Merck in Darmstadt, where the robot with thermal imaging camera and zoom lens autonomously rotates inspection rounds, advertises Boston Dynamics. And the Norwegian company Kværner is testing whether Spot is useful for real-time inventory in a shipyard.


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