Boeing 747: What do pilots need floppy disks for?

I.T security expert Alex Lomas looked around in a Boeing 747. Airlines actually do not allow such views into their steel colossi. They cause additional costs and it is not possible to predict what condition the machines will be in after the inspection. British Airways canceled its 747s loudly Media reportt from the fleet and therefore makes an exception. The IT expert’s conclusion is positive: A possible weak point is, for example, the entertainment system through which passengers watch films or listen to music. Lomas explained that where he looked he could not find two-way communication between the entertainment system and control areas.

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Floppy disk drive in the Boeing 747

If you want to take control of the aircraft via the entertainment system, you can try that for a long time. The expert also looked around in the belly of the 747. Lomas also saw no open ground for attack here: You couldn’t just pull out a few cables and plug them in to gain control over the wired systems. The Boeing 747 still had a surprise in store: A 3.5-inch floppy disk drive from the 1990s? and the plane actually relies on the ancient medium. It is part of the navigation device of the 747. Every four weeks, floppy disks feed new data into the system so that the steel bird navigates the passengers to the correct airport.

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