Bitcoin fraud wave: Twitter employees attacked by spear phishing

In the successful attack on Twitter, the unknown hackers had access to the direct messages in 36 of the looted accounts and downloaded the complete Twitter data in seven. The short message service has determined this and has now made it public.

It was already known beforehand that the attackers had attacked a total of 130 accounts and dropped 45 tweets. It was fraudulent news that brought the attackers bitcoins for the equivalent of a six-figure euro amount. Twitter has apparently now got a clearer picture of how exactly this highly publicized attack was carried out.

How the short message service is now doing, the employees use their own tools to provide support. Access to these tools is strictly limited and is only granted for legitimate purposes. The spear phishing attack was now directed not only against employees who have this access, but also others. When they first gained authorization, the hackers could have accessed internal networks and observed processes. With the knowledge gained in this way, they could have targeted other employees in order to gain access to the tools. This enabled them to reset the email addresses of any accounts and take control, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Barack Obama.

Access to the powerful tools has been strictly restricted since the attack, the short message service now assures. Because of this, some functions on Twitter are still restricted. They are working on restoring the previous reaction speed in support, but they want to be convinced that this is also safe. Twitter also promises to do more for security and to continue doing exercises against phishing attacks. The intention is to publish further information on the internal investigations into the publicly effective attack. The owners of the affected accounts have been contacted.


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