BIPES: Visual development environment for Raspberry Pi, ESP32 & Co.


No-code development and low-code development are meant to be a solution to a supply and demand problem: an increasing demand to create more software, but a limited number of developers who can create that software. Beginners therefore often encounter visual programming languages ​​in which you can click together small blocks of code such as Lego blocks or build mind maps. Examples like Node-RED have already established themselves in the microcontroller scene – but that relies on Javascript.

BIPES is a free, block-based integrated platform for embedded systems. BIPES consists of open source software and a service that runs through the BIPES website is freely available. It should enable everyone to quickly and reliably design, program, build, deploy and monitor embedded systems, IoT devices and applications using blocks or Python-based programming. As it is completely based on a web environment, no software installation is required on the client developer computer.

The interface of the visual programming language

This allows a tablet, netbook, Chromebook, or any other device with a supported browser to be used to program and test different types of devices. Mainly BIPES relies on MicroPython or CircuitPython, WebREPL, WebSockets, Web Serial API, HTML and Google Blocklyto enable no-code programming (blocks). This is translated into Python code and then transferred to the target board.

BIPES is compatible with many boards such as Arduino and Raspi.

(Image: BIPES Project)

In addition, BIPES does not require any server-side processing, so that it can be used as a Progressive Web Application (PWA). This means that it can also be used when the computer is offline. BIPES is compatible with various low-cost boards such as mBed, BBC micro: bit, ESP8266, ESP32 and Raspberry Pi. One Support from the Raspberry Pico is under development and according to our tests already works well.

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