Billie Eilish launches Spotify site Talk about the future!

Singer Billie Eilish and Spotify launch a new campaign about the future after the release of the single ‘My Future’.

Recently the singer Billie Eilish released her new single ‘My Future’ with which she has positioned herself on various platforms.

Following the success, performer Billie Eilish partnered with Spotify on a new mini website where she sends positive messages and encourages fans to write a letter to themselves in the future.

Billie Eilish reaches out to her fans

Billie Eilish’s website on Spotify says “Write a letter and send it to the stars. It will come back to you in the future. ”

The singer asked her followers to write and sign the letter about what they would like in the future and keep it.

Posteriormente Billie Eilish indicó que se puede elegir cualquier fecha en los próximos dos años cuando se desee recibir de nuevo la carta.

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